Maze Trouble is a fun FPS game. It's a combination of a zombie shooter game and pathfinding throw a endless maze.


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The mouse leaves the window, thus I only have about 180° movement (no sure if intentional) which means I can't shoot zombs approaching from behind :/ Additionally, I found that when my cursor goes outside the window it does not pick up on center consistently when the cursor returns to the window the at which point I am left with a narrowed turning radius sometimes unable to turn away from the wall.  

Another impediment to learning the game is starting with no ammo but with a gun so that's perplexing b/c it leaves you wondering if the game is broken. Maybe just give people two shots and when they are out give a notification suggesting they buy ammo at the shop (e), or just suggest that when they try to shoot?

Hopefully these this can be improved and some more of the experience can bee seen and enjoyed :) Thanks for your efforts